In my deepest heart,O, Lord

I give everything into your hands  

I put all of my whole life to You 

Lead me in the ways that I have to deserve


Lead me through the lightness

Lead me through the blessed path

Lead me through Your way

Lead me through the heaven


I surrender my life into You

send me Your Holy Spirit to fill my heart 

Give me Your blessings and your micracles 

I can face all things by Your Side


I still can stand and be stronger from day to day

I lift my voice to praise You and glorify You

I surrender, O Lord

I surrender........                           




I count the day and the time that You have given 

I count the blessing that unconditional 

I count the blessnig of the things

I count the everything that I can't replace


How grateful I am for all of blessings

How grateful I am that I am still alive 

How grateful I am that I am still in Your heart

How grateful I am that I know, You are my God and My King


You give everything that I need 

You prepare what I need in this world

You provide all the thngs 

It is a blessing O'Lord


Count count count count......

How much the blessings that I accept 

Count count count count 

I thank God to You.....         



Written By Nona Ela


Written By Nona Ela


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