Family life


  • The role of the family in youth's life


Family? Youth?

Many people define the meaning of Family. Some argue that family consists of mother, father, sister and brother. Also, some people said that family are people who are living together in a house for a long time and spend time together. But, how about a family who lives in God? and how the life of a youth who does not live in God? 


A family is the main foundation for us to grow as the youth of God. Let us take time for few minutes to reflect our family. Do we grow as a family in God? as a youth, we are influenced by our family's education especially from our parents. A good family is parents who are able to educate their daughters or sons. If our parents give a good example of what God has done to us, we will become the youth who lives in God.  Friends, how about those of family who do not grow as an unhealthy family and do not put God in the center of their life? will they have a happy life? How about us as the youth? There are a lot of events occur in youth's life because of the lack of character's education from their Parents.  Let us see the factors  that influence youth's life that cause them to have bad characters such a

  • It ruins your life.Your behaviour and character influence the way when we socialize or interact with friends, family or others around us. It  happens because of family background and the environment and it causes us to do criminal things. 
    • Disharmony between parents and children. The cause of us as a youth has a bad attitude is because of the discipline of our parents themselves. With the indifferent and non-caring behaviour, this can lead  to parental and child relationships not harmonious
    • We become a rebellious figure. Being a rebellious person and not listening to the words or advice of others is one of the that to young people today. They will focus on themselves and do not care about others and they are selfish and unyielding nature. The life of a young person like this will be very disturbing to the people around 
    •  occur problems social environment. This factor might influence our character from friends besides from our bad family. When our parents are busy or do not care about us or educate, a bad character can grow in ourselves.                                                


    Friends, the factors above may happen to each of us, When the discipline of our parents is bad, then our behaviour is very influential when we interact or socialize with others. Get closer to God so we can keep Him restored.




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